The silence in between the rains, the humid stillness where the tiny flycatcher with her ebony wings is busy making stick homes impervious to the upcoming assault of the wet needle wind, and have forgotten to chirp; where the tadpoles, like drops of ink in the seaweed water of the pond are too young toContinue reading “LONGING”


I’ve bought another prism. This one is a large teardrop shape. I’ve hung it from the bathroom window. The string holding it is so thin, the prism almost seems to float over the dark greens of the monstera, ready to fall through, a diamond lost in the jungle. Around two in the afternoon when theContinue reading “UNDER THE SUN”


Che’eng’s father disappeared in 1993,the day just after the Chung-Shan Hall Market was torn down, along with his bicycle. Twenty years later, the narrator’s quest to find his father’s Lucky (ride your way to luck) #04886 bicycle and it’s consecutive owners throughout all the years, Che’eng comes across an array of people and memories leftContinue reading “REVIEW: ‘THE STOLEN BICYCLE’ BY WU MING-YI”

“Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.” ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, Harper Lee

Rumors are as important as anything. Even if they’re not true, they end up turning people into who they are. ‘Spontaneous’, Aaron Starmer

“In the distance to the east, a flickering lazy sun climbed slowly over the arid mountains, dwarfing our existence. Like sunflowers, Maihan looked to it and so did I, our eyes flaring, as it painted our nascent love with approving warmth. Maihan had become mine, and I his.” The Carpet Weaver, Nemat Sadat


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