Coming back from Greece before the scheduled time, Siya locked herself in her apartment for months.

‘The World Behind The Door’ is Alka Sudhir Ghodke’s debut novel. The story of Ayush and Siya depicts a boss meets PA story where each one saves the other from the death grip of the past – sometimes with mere words, and sometimes with a blueberry muffin and scented candles on a windy terrace.

It is typical to stories where the guy is outward, confident, careless and acknowledges the intense emotions only in front of his heroine; whereas the girl is shy and quiet, but can talk for hours when with the right person – trying to establish once again that opposites attract.

The major negative of the novel is the grammar – the punctuations, spellings and so on; starting from the first sentence till the very end. In fact, at times, it felt like the sentences haven’t been read even once after writing. This has also slowed down the pace of the book a lot.

The book also lacks details. Be it the description of a place ( for example, the part of the book set in Greece, does not have any features for the reader to identify with the uniqueness of the place, apart from mentioning a random teenager having a Greek accent), or the characters.

The second half of the book is better than the first half, in terms of expression and engagement when Siya’s life and the book she reads becomes synonymous.

A little more research was required when exploring sensitive topics such as mental health, and especially, depression.

A little more creativity in the plot and expression, and understanding the techniques of writing will be nice to see in the upcoming works by Ghodke.

Thank you Alka for sending me a copy of ‘The World Behind The Door’ in exchange of an honest review.

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