Linus Baker, 40 , with the sole company of a grumpy and never meowing cat works as a case worker at The Department In Charge Of Magical Youth (DICOMY). When one dreadfully rainy day, Linus was called by the Extremely Upper Management much to his supervisor disarray, Linus was assigned an extremely confidential case.

Lambda Literary Award winning author TJ Klune’s novel ‘The House In The Cerulean Sea’, published by Macmillan publishers on 7th June 2020 has been a USA Today best seller, an Indie Next Pick, One of the Publishers Weekly “Most Anticipated Books of Spring of 2030″, One of Book Riot’s ” 20-Must-Read Feel-Good Fantasies” and number 5 on the Goodreads Choice Awards 2020.

Linus felt the warmth of the clear sun and laid his eyes on the cerulean sea for the first time as he reached the island of Marsyas. But the orphanage on the isolated island was another surprise in itself.

Hidden within the lush greens of the forest, the orphanage stood straight with all its pride. But inside resided a congregation of magical beings, whom Linus have never heard of, in his entire career of seventeen years.

Apart from the mysterious Arthur Parnassus, the master of the orphanage ( who made Linus’s cheeks flush), the orphanage harboured a shy and insecure shape shifter, a very excited unidentified green blob with tentacles, a quite-deadly, grumpy 134 year old young she-gnome, a sassy forest sprite, a hoarder Wyvern and an Antichrist.

Linus, who have been chosen for this extremely secretive task has always been very dedicated, sincere and objective in his case reports. He knows never to get emotionally attached to members of the orphanages and makes sure that the children are just adequately cared for. He believes in the authority, avoids thinking too much about the government issued slogans: “See something, say something, registration helps everyone!” or “A quiet child is a healthy child.”

But spending a couple of weeks overlooking the children’s study sessions, having pleasantly raucous dinners, walking around in the most beautiful garden, staring at the sea of his dreams, getting a lustrous tan on his perpetually pale skin, and getting to know the little-more-than-terrifying children may have made him forget his policies and tilted his beliefs on the authority.

With more secrets spilled, Linus experiences friendship and love for the first time in his life. He opens his eyes and heart to realise the fear, weaknesses and prejudice of the non magical beings.

The best part of the book is it’s vast audience – it is a perfect children’s book with clearer symbolism and deeper interpretation with the progression of age.

The base of the plot is definitely similar to Ransom Riggs’s ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ , but it is different in its own way with the fabulous characters of the children and the absolutely wonderful Arthur, finding happiness and oneself, and the representation of our society to tightly leash and threaten what we don’t understand rather than trying to understand it.


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